domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

Our School is a Cambridge ESOL Exam Preparation Centre

Extracurricular classes allow students to achieve a higher level of English. Moreover, if the teacher is native, students develop a natural pronunciation and they get used to understanding the natural sounds of  English.

Our School has the certification Cambridge ESOL Exam Preparation Centre. A high number of students who have prepared for the Cambridge ESOL exams in our school have passed the exams and many have obtained excellent results.

These courses are for all levels: Preschool, Primary and Secondary. They are from 12:30 to 14:30, students attend two hours a week (but it can vary depending on the level).  Gloria Romances, our English teacher in Secondary, is responsible for organizing the Cambridge Exams and extracurricular classes. 

English Teachers

  Andy Cameron: Secondary Education
  • Mathematics Degree (University of London)
  • He has taught general and commercial English since 1990 to all type of companies. 
  • Oral examiner in Cambridge Exams. 
  • Language assistant for many companies and publc institutions. 
Paul D.Morgan: Primary Education  • 
  • Primary teacher in the UK and Ireland. 
  • Pedagogy instructor for teachers in Edinburg University.  
  • He is specialist in teaching students with Special Educational Needs.  
Ana González: 1º y 2º Primary Education
  • Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Education and Primary .
  • She has experience in extracurricular English activities with students of different grade levels.
  • Development and coordination of urban camps .
 Víctor García: 1º y 2º Primary Education 
  • Degree in Geography
  • Diploma in Teaching Physical Education for Primary.
  • He is an expert in using  Computer Tecnologies for Education.
  • He has worked in English camps with native teachers.
  • He has the B1 level and he is now studying for the B2 (First)
Pilar Beguería: Preschool Education
  • Diploma in Teaching Children and Primary Education.
  • Degreee in Psycopedagogy.
  • Responsible for extracurricular activities in Preschool Education.
  • Specific training in learning a second language in pre-primary , as well as psychomotor , Musical education, learning and technical difficulties , computer technologies in the classroom ...Extensive experience in extracurricular activities and town camps.
  • English : PET 
 George Webster: Primary and Secondary
  • He has a mid English origin: his father is from the South of England.
  • Degreee in Marketing
  • He spent two years living in Germany
 Krista Carbore: English and cultural assistant at Preschool, Primary and Secondary 

  • Auxiliar de conversación and Extracurricular English Teacher for Movers and Starters.
  •  She is from Settle, Washington, USA.
  • She has the Degree from Washington University. Major: Global Studies; Minor: Hispanic Studies.
  • She works as a native English language and cultural assistant in Preschool, Primary and Secondary through the Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte.

Johanna, the girl who came from Germany

Johanna is a young German girl of 18 who has come to work as an aupair.

She is now getting in touch with all of our students and she will talk to them in English and, of course in German.

By the moment, she has been with the children of the third year of Preschool Education... and they love her a lot !!!!

Awards ceremony. University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations

Last Monday, 21st October, Armén Hovhannisyan (ELT Representative of Cambridge University Press) presented the University of Cambridge English Certificates to several of our students.

Last school year, a large number of students from our school took the ESOL examinations in their different levels: Starters, Movers, Flyers, for Primary students and KET, PET and FCE for Secondary Students.

Most of them passed the exams. It's important to point out that nine 4th ESO students from our school took the the FCE Exam. All of them passed the exam and got the FEC, which proves a B2 level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference.

Our school has been an examiner centre for the last two years and each year an increasing number of students pass the exams successfully. Nowadays , extracurricular lesson, which are given by native speakers, are focused on the preparation of students to pass these examinations.

Krista and Halloween

Today, 30th October, students of the first year of Primary have received a visitor whose name is Krista. She is an American teacher who is now living in Zaragoza. Krista is working at our school in Secondary.

She explained lots of Halloween things and what American people do on this frightening night. Therefore, we´ve learnt new vocabulary and we have finally sung a funny Halloween song.

We´d like her to visit us again!

Halloween in Preschool Education

On October 31st, The students of Preschool Education celebrated the Halloween Party.

This traditional festival has come from England and the US and it consists of wearing terrifying disguises such as witches, ghosts or skulls ones. We also learnt the famous phrase 'TRICK OR TREAT' which we love.

In addition, our teachers had previously decorated our classrooms with spiders, pumpkins and our funny phrase HAPPY HALLOWEEN !

We also enjoyed the meal, sharing sweets, dancing and singing with our classmates; and, consequently, we had a wonderful time of conviviality, friendship, fun, hope and enthusiasm


sábado, 25 de enero de 2014

The POLE project

Our school has been authorized to carry out an English Language Promotion Project for four and five-year-old children.

The project consists of:
  •  Working a whole teaching unit in English.
  • Supplementary activities in English: theatre, songs, puppet shows, knowledge of English cultures, festivities and traditions… 
  •  Voluntary Extracurricular activities in English.
More information in this document: