lunes, 17 de noviembre de 2014

English for Preschool Education

Our youngest students, those from Preschool Education, are enjoyng a lot the conversation courses with Stella, an aupair who regularly comes to our School.

Have a look on the following photos and the video and you will discover how skillful are these children when speaking English.

The students of the 2nd course are also bilingual

The students of Natural Science of the 2nd course also want to become bilingual... have a look on the report prepared by Alicia Alonso, Andoni Anadón and Marina Arqued about viruses:

Viruses are not made up of cells, that is why they are not considered as living beings and are therefore not classified in any kingdom. They infect a host cell in order to survive. All viruses are harmful and are only visible through a powerful electronic microscope.
They have a very simple structure that consists of:
- A polyhedral or helical capsid. A viral envelope, similar to the cell membrane, encloses the capsid in some viruses.

Viruses can only replicate inside a host cell. When the virus has reproduced in the host cell, the newly produced viruses leave the cell and infect new host cells. A virus outside a host cell is a non-living particle.

Examples of viruses:

Cold virus:

-This virus causes cold. Cold viruses invade the nose.

-Symptoms: runny nose, watery eyes, scratchy throat

- There are 200 known virus strains which can cause a cold.

Flu viruses:

-There are three different types of flu viruses (A, B, C)

-Symptoms (A, B): Frequently in winter, very strong flu.

-Symptoms (C): During any season of the year, body aches, fever, fatigue and headache.

Ebola virus