martes, 3 de mayo de 2016

St Patrick's day in 1st and 2nd course of Primary

St. Patricks Day is celebrated on 17 th March each year. Pupils of the 1 st and 2 nd course of Primary have done lots of activities in order to enjoy and learn at the same time: crosswords, maps to learn where Ireland is situated, different crafts, specific vocabulary... They also investigated St Patrick's life, typical symbols, the different celebrations, parades and costumes. All pupils enjoyed watching different videos and singing songs. 


In this topic, the pupils of the 2 nd course of Primary have learnt to appreciate the worls of animals. This is a subject which children love and we planned different activities to help them to learn as much as possible about how they are born, what they eat, different habitats... Pupils did some projects and shared the information with their classmates. 


In this topic pupils have learnt about plants and their importance to humans as they provide us with clothes, furniture, medicines, food, perfumes...
Pupils have also learnt reponsible behaviour towars plants in the environment and how to look after them, We planned some investigations to discover how plants absorb water through their roots. We did this by observing different plants in dyed water, growing plants in the classroom, observing some seeds and their germination...
Lastly, pupils work in small groups to make some posters where they shared their knowledge.